New Heart Disease Therapy
Combining Lumbrokinase and EDTA

Nature’s Most Powerful Enzymes and a Miracle Therapy
for Vascular Disease in One Capsule!

Dear Friend,

Did you know that strokes & heart attacks can be stopped naturally?

If you’re looking for a safe and natural way to:

check-1Remove the dangerous blood clots & arterial plaques that could trigger a serious heart or brain episode.

check-1Improve blood flow & reverse your health problems

check-1Stay away from the emergency room, surgery room, nursing home or wheelchair.

check-1Avoid taking Lipitor, Plavix or Aspirin for the rest of your life.

Then I believe this could be the most important information you’ve ever read!

Strokes & heart attacks can be stopped naturally!

Most of us don’t know we have it and sadly, many of us will find out too late; after you’ve already had a heart attack or stroke.

It’s no secret that many people think they’re in perfect health, and therefore do not give heart disease a second thought, all while it’s getting ready to strike at any moment, then in a single instant everything changes forever. For many the medical industry and modern medicine have little to no answers at all concerning strokes & heart attacks.

erOften times it’s one medical procedure after another with little hope for answers.

Angioplasty and By-Pass surgery are often prescribed or recommended for clogged arteries.

Exercise is recommended too as well as drugs to manage hypertension.

Taking Lipitor for cholesterol, among so many other drugs are also the norm. And for many, it’s one doctor’s visit after another if they have a heart condition.

Effective natural heart therapies are being crushed before they reach the public because the medical establishment can’t charge big bucks for them.


If these inexpensive natural treatments happen to slip though, they are often shunned and debunked by mainstream doctors who are more worried about their job security than your health.

Before we proceed to talk about how AnginaRex™ can help you, we have the pleasure of exposing the six heart treatment hoaxes that could literally save you thousands of dollars and even save your your life.

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